OSWEGATCHIE — United Helpers has plans to develop the former Pythian Beach as well as to renovate its now vacant adult home into apartments overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

In a press release issued Monday, United Helpers announced that is has plans to develop 27 acres along the St. Lawrence River that it has owned for nearly 40 years. The location is right across from the recently closed rehabilitation and senior care center at 8101 Route 68, formerly known as RiverLedge and its former adult home, which closed in 2018.

The release states that the former Pythian Beach site and its 1,600 feet of riverfront will “become a mixed use development which officials say will fully take advantage of the beautiful St. Lawrence River and grant access to everyone, from the people United Helpers serves and employs, to boaters and community members alike.”

Specific details were not released because it was stated that it was too early in the process.

United Helpers has filed a request with the city of Ogdensburg to extend water and sewer service to the property, which is just outside city limits.

Andrea Smith, director of Planning & Development, said that the city has received the request and that city staff are reviewing it. An agreement to extend those services would have to be approved by the Ogdensburg City Council, according to Smith.

“It is exciting to see them contemplating how to better use the property,” said Smith.

City Manager Stephen P. Jellie said that development, even though it’s just outside of the city limits, could help the city, especially if they do extend water and sewer to the proposed project.

“We are always looking for ways to expand our services to users,” said Jellie. “We will have to review and see what the project looks like and what they would need.”

Clearing of the waterfront parcel eyed for development began in October and will continue throughout the next several months.

Town of Oswegatchie officials, including Town Supervisor Alfred “Bud” Nichols were not made aware of the proposed project.

United Helpers CEO Todd Amo, who did not return a call for comment, stated in the release that the waterfront development will tie into the soon-to-be renovated Adult Home, which closed in 2018, and will house one and two bedroom apartments that will be available to people of all ages.

Both long-term and short-term leases will be available.

“The views from these new apartments will be second to none,” the release stated.

Anyone interested in renting a unit can contact the United Helpers Management Company at 315-393-3074, ext. 4254.

The news comes after the closing of its rehabilitation and senior care center in September that impacted approximately 150 full- and part-time workers. Previous reports had 75 percent of its workforce relocated to its other facilities such as its rehabilitation and senior care center in Canton, previously called Maplewood, an independent senior living facility in Canton, that was previously called Partridge Knoll, and a behavioral, health and life skills facility in Ogdensburg, that was called Mosaic.

The rest of its workforce from the closed facility either retired or separated from the company.

There are no public plans for the recently closed RiverLedge building to date. Another former nursing home that was operated on State Highway 37 in the town of Oswegatchie is still vacant.

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