Big box home improvement retailer The Home Depot has debuted the Pro Xtra Credit Card as the latest addition to its commercial credit offerings, touting the card as a new version of its Commercial Revolving Charge, according to a Tuesday (Jan. 11) press release. It also updated its Commercial Account Card.

The new Home Depot commercial credit options are backed by Citi Retail Services, the release stated. The Pro Xtra Credit Card can be linked with the Pro Xtra loyalty program to earn registered users Pro Xtra Perks four times faster on card purchases. Pro Xtra members get a $100 credit for opening a Pro Xtra Credit Card.

Both the Pro Xtra Credit Card and Commercial Account Card give users the ability to issue cards to employees to make purchases on their behalf; offer an extended return period of up to a full year, four times longer than a non-commercial credit purchase; provide itemized billing statements and purchase tracking options; and include online account management through Citi Retail Services, according to the release.

Commercial Account Card members will also get flexible billing preferences, including a 2{49352ce17ba8b8c977b46090d4022735cbbf9c8d2a96e7181f87be9b36a1fd69} early pay discount if a bill is paid online within 20 days or an extended 60-day payment window, the release stated.

In June, The Home Depot launched an app that makes it easier for consumers to control compatible smart home products by saying, “Hey Google” or “Alexa.”

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The Hubspace app integrates smart home products with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa platforms that enable voice commands for hands-free product control. Users can then control the smart home devices by talking to one of those digital assistants or by giving commands through the Hubspace app.

Hubspace currently supports smart products from four different manufacturers and about 60 products. Home Depot is planning to grow its list of connected home and office automation devices.



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