Boo! Halloween is right around the corner. Time for carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating and scary haunts. Several Mount Union Area High School students are helping to add to the thrill of the spooky season by volunteering at the Horrorween Haunted Warehouse in Mount Union.

The Haunted Warehouse costs $10 per person and is in operation from 7-11 p.m. every Friday and Saturday in October. It serves as a fundraiser for the Bricktown Model Railroaders Association (BMRA). This non-profit organization owns and operates the Bricktown Museum, which is free to the public and focuses on educating visitors about the rich history of railroading and industry in Mount Union.

The Haunt grows each year, with 1,600 visitors recorded in 2020 alone. An attraction this popular requires many hands performing countless hours of work behind the scenes year-round. BMRA President and one of the haunt managers Bob Fogelsonger constructs a majority of the props and then relies on the help from his construction team of three to pull everything together. He states, “Each person has a specialty as in construction, painting and electronics. The group is a perfect match-up to bring the whole show together.”

Help also pours in from surrounding schools. The cast of 20 live actors this year includes six MUAHS students, along with two from Southern Huntingdon County High School and others from private schools. They help to make the experience come alive for visitors.

Public relations director and museum curator George Sarra noted the importance of student volunteers, adding, “These students have been critical to our success. They have been dedicated and reliable. I believe they all truly enjoy seeing the reactions of people.”

MUAHS senior Hunter Flagle, a frequent volunteer at the Haunt, explained his favorite part of volunteering is “the friendly environment and being able to scare people.” In addition to the fun of scaring, volunteering can also be a learning experience for students. Flagle adds, “I have learned how to get along with all types of people.”

The Horrorween Haunted Warehouse provides a great opportunity to support the Bricktown Museum and see MUAHS students in action.

Sarra closed by adding, “The artwork and talent involved in creating the Haunt is really incredible. The Haunt even evolves from event to event, so the experience is different for people who return for another visit.”

So far this season, 774 people have entered the Haunt, but the number of survivors could not be confirmed. Remember, this event lasts through Saturday, Oct. 30, so it is not too late to experience it for yourself — if you dare.