STAUNTON   It was a bright day in Staunton and energy was in the air. It ran through the mind, body and soul of real estate agent Jewel Manly as she graced the digital realm with her presence.

On a shiny August day, Manly had just completed a sale and was feeling positive energy. She then shared her hype with members of the Facebook community group named Staunton VA. 

She shared a TikTok video with her dancing to the classic hit “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. Dancing and real estate aren’t typically linked together, but this Staunton real estate enthusiast gave it her all.  

Manly believes in the area she works in and loves to do her job. She works as a real estate agent for Old Dominion Realty going on six months now and hasn’t looked back once.  

One sale is just enough spark to ignite the passion for hard work. Progress takes time and Manly enjoys every moment of the journey.  

“We really have to celebrate the small successes,” Manly said. “The market is pretty hot right now where the higher dollar houses are selling for $500 to $600,000. These houses aren’t selling necessarily in one to two days, but they are still hot if the price is right.”