SOUTH WINDSOR — The Planning and Zoning Commission is expected to make a decision tonight on the proposed 360,000-square-foot warehouse project along Governor’s Highway and Talbot Lane.

Area residents plan to hold a “silent demonstration” at 5:30 p.m. outside of Town Hall, before the PZC special meeting on the application for what’s been described as a distribution facility.

The application, submitted in July, proved controversial among neighbors and abutters, who have regularly packed public hearings held by the PZC and Inland Wetlands.

In an interview early today, Cody Circle resident John Holowczak, a neighbor opposed to the warehouse, thanked PZC members for “what is essentially volunteer efforts” in deliberating the proposal.

The PZC members “have an extremely complex case presented to them,” Holowczak said.

Residents have said at past meetings that the proposed development would cause a number of quality-of-life issues for the area, including noise and air pollution, impacts on wildlife, storm water drainage, effects on property value, and an increase in truck traffic.

The applicants responded to some of the concerns with reports and expert testimony presented at meetings, stating the impact of the facility would be minimal.

Those in opposition to the application have taken issue with the methodology of some of these reports and testimonies.

On Monday, Rui Costa of Edgewood Drive said he felt many of the applicant’s responses have represented best-case situations, particularly in regards to noise generation and idling of trucks.

At previous meetings, the applicants have said vehicles at the facility will be in compliance with state laws limiting truck idling times to three minutes.

Costa said the law is not enforced, and that he has never once been told to stop idling his truck in his 18-year career in the trucking industry.

“How can you stand there and say we can’t deny something based on the worst-case scenario, but you want us to approve something based on best-case scenario?” Costa said.

Design Professionals, a firm representing the applicant, did not respond today to a request for comment.

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