DENVER, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sam the Concrete Man, the country’s leading residential and commercial concrete contracting franchise, announced today that it grew its network by 34 new franchises over the course of 2021, effectively doubling its footprint and establishing the brand as the fastest-growing home improvement franchise in the U.S.

The one-of-a-kind franchisor started 2021 with just 22 franchises across 17 markets and now kicks off 2022 with a total of 56 franchise locations open and in development across 34 markets. Over the course of a year filled with historic company growth milestones, Sam the Concrete Man:

  • Became the largest B2C concrete company in North America
  • Increased systemwide sales from $8.5M in 2020 to $20.6M by the close of 2021
  • Surpassed 50 franchise locations for the first time in company history
  • Expanded across 17 new markets including major hubs like Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago
  • Tripled the size of its corporate network
  • Enhanced the leadership team with the promotions of Jeff Scheiffler to VP of Operations and AJ Dumler to Director of Franchise Operations

Todd Stewart, president and co-chairman of Sam the Concrete Man, attributes the company’s recent success to three elements: professionalism, quality and customer service.

“You can’t find another concrete company that provides the same levels of transparency, efficiency and craftsmanship that our customers now expect from Sam the Concrete Man with every single service,” said Stewart.

Sam the Concrete Man intends to continue its record-breaking growth with a goal set to award at least 44 new franchises this year in order to be 100 locations strong by the start of 2023. Currently, the brand is actively seeking out prospects interested in growing the brand’s presence in the western and midwestern regions of the U.S.

“It may seem unrealistic to some that we’d be able to achieve such lofty expansion goals in just a single year,” said Stewart. “But keep in mind we only had seven total franchises at the start of 2020. When you have proven systems and a product that speaks for itself, what may seem unrealistic becomes very possible.”

Sam the Concrete Man franchising investments start around $87,000. Interested prospects should visit Sam the Concrete Man’s Franchise Site for more information.

About Sam the Concrete Man

Founded in 1989 in Colorado by Sam Wilkins, Sam the Concrete Man is a proven concrete contracting franchise spanning across the U.S. The company’s services include residential and commercial flatwork and concrete projects crafted to the highest standard. Headquartered in Denver, Sam the Concrete Man made its mark in Colorado and has now expanded into 24 out of the 50 U.S. states with plans for expansion across North America by 2024. Sam the Concrete Man is always looking to expand its network with prospective owners who are motivated and eager to uphold the franchise’s brand reputation of providing high-quality and versatile concrete services at fair prices.


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