Bryan Baeumler had dreamed of having a lake house near his parents’ house ever since he was a little boy. When the opportunity to turn his dream into reality presented itself, the Canadian contractor immediately seized it. But the journey of having his own dream lake house was anything but smooth for Bryan. Right from the remote location to the many logistical issues, there were plenty of obstacles that came in the way of Bryan and his wife Sarah Baeumler as they worked on finishing up their lake house.

It all began with Sarah and Bryan getting into a fight as she was unhappy with her husband’s choice of location for their lake house. Sarah’s concerns for the safety of the family were understandable as the contractor bought a piece of land in the wilderness and a bear sighting paired with the rough climatic conditions didn’t really help Bryan’s case much. Sarah eventually put her concerns aside and began helping Bryan with the lake house by taking on the responsibility of the interior design of the house. But when the lead designer hired by the Baeumlers-Rebecca quit, the couple once again found themselves in a soup. Sarah immediately took charge as the lead designer and began working earnestly to finish the project on time. 


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Just as things were beginning to fall into place, Bryan’s stress levels went through the roof when he realized that there were some plumbing issues and leakages just as they were approaching the finishing date of the construction. The contractor and his crew immediately went into troubleshooting mode and fixed the issues. After dodging the many curveballs and bottlenecks in their way, the Baeumlers finally managed to finish the construction of their lake house and were pretty pleased with the outcome.

The stunning, contemporary-style cottage boasts a 110-foot span of floor-to-ceiling wood-framed glass windows and doors across the front of the cottage and an extensive deck to enjoy the sunsets. The cottage-wide, glass railing deck is possibly one of the largest of its kind on Georgian Bay, reported Parry Sound. The lake house also has three separate living ‘pods’ house the children’s bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite, and a common area composed of the kitchen, great room, and dining area.  

‘Renovation, Inc.: The Lake House’ is available for streaming on HGTV and Discovery+. 

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