Real Estate Agent Justen Alias on His Most Memorable Deal and Plans for the Future

With the ever-changing real estate market constantly evolving, some things remain constant: Miami and Los Angeles are two of the most popular destinations in the U.S., especially when it comes to celebrities and athletes. And, they need to know who to go to when looking for their next home. Meet Justen Alias.

Alias is a trusted and respected real estate agent that specialises in celebrity and athlete home-buying, as he works with managers and agents to ensure the client is taken care of and happy with their entire home-buying experience. Alias forms relationships with the managers and clients, which has led him to build a strong network of influential people. “I love connecting with clients and building long-term relationships,” said Alias. “Also, I love the fact that I’m an entrepreneur and get the opportunity to help people every single day.”

To secure the best possible deals for his clients, Alias cites his strong negotiation skills as the reason. “A successful negotiation is one in which you, either as a buyer or seller, achieve an outcome that feels equitable,” he continued. “I have been in the real estate industry for over ten years, and I have negotiated many favourable deals for my clients.” Alias has three tips for negotiating: always find out your client’s bottom line number, do your research and ask the right questions.

As for his most memorable deal to date, Alias says he helped a famous YouTuber buy his dream home. “My client was a first-time home buyer and needed guidance throughout the whole process. I connected him with the right lender to buy his dream home, and he is thrilled with the home!” said Alias.

Looking to the future, Alias is in the process of creating a nationwide sports and entertainment real estate network that will focus on the top real estate agents in each city, focusing on assisting athletes, entertainers and high net worth individuals. The network will also include retired athletes, concierge companies, mortgage brokers, sports agents, financial advisors and business managers.

To keep up to date with Alias and his business ventures or to get top dollar for your property, get in touch with him through his websites Moving Miami Florida and Miami Luxury Leases or follow him on Instagram.