No 4 a.m. liquor licenses will be granted in Peoria’s growing Warehouse District after the City Council voted 9-2 to remove the Warehouse District from the later-closing bar zone Tuesday night. 

Councilmembers expressed concerns about how 4 a.m. bars being allowed in the Warehouse District might affect the area’s appeal to future residents. 

“With an increasing amount of focus on becoming more residential focused in converting some of these buildings into residential, there is concern that some of the 4 a.m. challenges we have been seeing in the central business district would become challenges in the Warehouse District,” at-large councilmember Zach Oyler said. 

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The council’s youngest member, 4th District councilmember Andre Allen, challenged that notion, however. He said the council needed to consider the “long-term vision” of the Warehouse District and how younger residents there might be put off by such limits.