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According to Nerd Wallet, the average Georgia resident spends 19% of their income on their home. Meanwhile, the mean down payment for a Georgia home in March 2022 was $21,880, a mere 6% of the median house price, according to Bank Rate. The company also said the rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage in Georgia is 5.38% as of Friday, and the average cost of homeowners insurance in the state is $1,445 per year for 2022.

The median real estate tax payment in Georgia is $1,771 per year, roughly $800 less than the national average, according to Smart Asset. Assuming you have good credit and not too much debt, your average monthly housing costs for the typical Georgia home would be $2,214 in 2022.

If you are spending the average 19% of your annual income on your home, then your annual household income would need to be around $139,831. According to a common financial adage, you can spend up to 30% of your income on housing. At that rate, you’d need an annual household income of about $90,000 to afford that same home.

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If you can afford to put more than 6% of your home’s value down as a down payment, it will help decrease your monthly costs considerably. Many home buyers try to put down 20% of their home’s value. Speak with a trusted financial advisor before making any major moves in the modern housing market.

While Georgia remains well under the national average in many different areas of housing costs, housing prices are still on the rise. So if you are considering buying a home in Georgia, the silver lining is that it could be much worse.