Home Depot store and parking garage in North Oakland at Broadway and Pleasant Valley Avenue, concept. A Home Depot store that’s being eyed in North Oakland could create more than 100 jobs. (Lars Andersen & Associates)

OAKLAND — A Home Depot store that’s being eyed in Oakland could bring more than 100 jobs to the East Bay’s largest city, municipal planning documents show.

The proposed store might be developed at 5050 Broadway in North Oakland at the corner of Pleasant Valley Avenue, according to the city planning records.

The development would include a Home Depot main retail store and a garden center, the municipal files show.

A vehicle garage with five levels, including a basement parking level and four levels above ground, would be part of the development.

Home Depot store and parking structure at Broadway and Pleasant Valley Avenue in North Oakland, concept. (Lars Andersen & Associates)

Home Depot could employ an estimated 145 to 175 workers at the store and garden center, according to documents on file with the city.

The application is very preliminary and was submitted as a way to gauge the city’s reaction to a project of this sort.

The site where Home Depot and the garage would be developed totals roughly 4.6 acres.

The total store building area is expected to total 129,500 square feet, the city planning documents show.

The main Home Depot store would total about 102,000 square feet. The adjacent garden center would be about 16,200 square feet. A mezzanine office area would be about 11,300 square feet.

5050 Broadway in Oakland, shown within the outline. Boundaries are approximate. (Google Maps)

Unlike a typical Home Depot layout, the store won’t feature a vast sea of surface parking spaces if it’s built.

The Home Depot development proposal would include a total of 449 parking spaces. Of these, the multi-level parking structure would accommodate 354 stalls and a surface parking lot would total 95 spaces.

The Home Depot proposed development site is part of The Ridge retail and restaurant complex, whose anchor merchant is a Safeway store.

Home Depot store being eyed in northern Oakland might be job hub