A new series with one long, but the fascinating tease of a title is one of the most buzzed-about program concepts coming to HGTV in 2022. ‘I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ is a four-part docuseries that chronicles families as they embark on their home repair projects.

‘I Bought A Dump … Now What?’ follows homeowners who have bought run-down houses to turn them into their ideal homes. These urban pioneers may find themselves behind time, over budget, and tired if they attempt to undertake the overhauls themselves to save money. The procedure can put many parts of a young couple’s or family’s relationship to the test, especially if they are taking this step together for the first time. Check out HGTV’s ‘House Party,’ ‘Unsellable Houses,’ and ‘Outgrown’ if viewing house renovation projects from your couch is one of your guilty pleasures!


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When does ‘I Bought A Dump … Now What?’ release, and where can you watch it?

HGTV’s ‘I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ premieres on April 30, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will be available to view on Discovery+.

What is ‘I Bought a Dump… Now What?’ all about?

Three families are introduced in the first episode as they begin their dangerous renovations. A couple who spent their life funds to buy an uninhabited 1860s farmhouse in Richmond, Michigan; a father/daughter duo in Detroit who must complete a fixer-upper in 90 days; and a young couple in Birmingham, Alabama, who face costly setbacks while renovating a century-old home are among the featured homeowners.

Cameras follow the progress of each restoration throughout the series, revealing if the owners will be able to complete the job or will be left out in the cold. Along the process, it dives into the pressures and benefits that such an ambitious project has on the lives of the real people involved.

It’s part of a new wave of HGTV series that takes a fresh look at home remodeling, real estate, and design. You’ll want to watch this one if you prefer your lifestyle TV with a fair dose of hard-hitting realism. And be ready for the unexpected.

Who stars on ‘I Bought a Dump… Now What?’

Kristyn and Pancho Patterson, father and daughter, with their Detroit house restoration project.


Brandon and Lesleigh Vann Waugh, renovating their historic property in Birmingham, Alabama.

Brandon and Lesleigh Vann Waugh in ‘ I Bought a Dump … Now What?’ (HGTV)


Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton, working on restoring their 150-year-old farmhouse in rural Michigan.

Who are the showrunners?

Crazy Legs Productions is the studio behind the show.


The trailer has not yet been released, but stay tuned for more information.

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