Habitat for Humanity is hosting their annual warehouse sale today and Saturday, but with a twist that will benefit both their nonprofit and the community. 

The sale will be held at Habitat’s new location at 2930 W. 4th St. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. 

“We do have a warehouse sale every year, but it’s more of like a traditional yard sale or garage sale,” said Desiree Cecil, office manager of Owensboro-Daviess County Habitat for Humanity. “This one is different because we have a ton of new in-the-box items from where other businesses have cleaned out their warehouses.”

Cecil said not only are the products for sale new and high quality, but that they are also highly affordable. Jeremy Stephens, executive director of the local Habitat, similarly said it’s a benefit to the community.

“I think people will be able to come in and save a lot of money as opposed to going out to big stores and buying fixtures,” Stephens said. “It’s going to be really good for people who own rental properties or people who are trying to flip houses because there are so many new fixtures in boxes.”

Stephens said he is immensely pleased that they are able to keep prices down despite the recent increased price of goods — as making essential home living items accessible is part of their mission. 

“The idea is not just how we make money, but it’s about how we connect to the community and be a benefit to them while being a blessing to our homeowners as well,” Stephens said. “We know that no matter who comes, they’re gonna save some money and we know that 100% of the proceeds are going to go towards building supplies for the next time we build.”

Habitat for Humanity’s goal as an international organization has always been to provide a decent place for everyone to live, which is becoming more and more relevant as the affordable housing market continues to decline. 

“People are spending more than half of what they earn in a month on their house. That’s no way to live, that’s no way to succeed, and that’s no way to grow your family,” Stephens said. “The mission of ‘a decent place to live’ is to put people in a situation where they can not only survive but thrive in this world and get in the position where they can save, grow, and make more success for themselves and for their family.”

Stephens said an event like this is not possible without an enthusiastic team, which he is thankful to have.

“The great part about our organization is the people. They are all in it and are willing to do whatever it takes for the organization to be successful,” Stephens said. “A great example of that is this weekend. We’ll have board members working at the warehouse sale, and I’ve just got to think that doesn’t happen everywhere you go.”

Habitat hosting warehouse sale to benefit nonprofit and community alike