Home Depot employees Danyelle Starling, Mandy Chapman and Cris Hardy help to assemble a ramp at the home of Jill Sharpe of Monroe.
Dan Scheich of Home Depot (left) helps measure the next floor piece along with construction manager Jim Worful of Habitat for Humanity of Monroe.

A local service organization has partnered with one of the world’s leading home improvement retailers to help improve the lives of Monroe County veterans and their families.

Over the past few days, Habitat for Humanity of Monroe and The Home Depot’s associate volunteer force known as Team Depot have worked together to build a ramp outside the home of Monroe resident Jill Sharpe. 

The wife of the late William “Bill” Sharpe, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and National Guard who died in 2016, Jill requires either a walker or wheelchair to leave her home. Her existing ramp was in a state of disrepair and at a dangerously steep slope.

Hers is the first ramp to be built through this new partnership between Habitat for Humanity of Monroe and The Home Depot.