Graham Stephan is a successful entrepreneur, Youtuber and real estate agent born April 22, 1980 in Santa Monica, California. At only 31 years old, Stephan has a net worth of $6 million and currently resides in Las Vegas. It is worth knowing a little more about this prosperous millennial to understand the reasons for his fortune.

Stephan started working as a photographer at the age of 13 and earning his own money excited him enormously. The truth is that generating income motivated him much more than school life. During his teenage years he was a rock musician, but then decided not to continue with that lifestyle.

The beginnings

Stephan initially thought he should pursue a career in investment banking. He wanted to enter Pepperdine University but was rejected. At the age of 18 he started working in real estate, thinking he would later try to get into another university. Soon after, he realized that real estate was his true calling and that he could succeed in the industry. Ten months after starting to work he sold his first property. This sale gives him the confidence to continue selling properties. Unbeknownst to him, Stephan had already started on his way to huge success.


Graham Stephan was a regular user of YouTube and followed several channels on that social network. Many YouTubers seemed histrionic, charismatic and funny. However he did not believe he had those virtues, but one day everything changed and in early 2017 he became a YouTuber. His channel that bears his own name, Graham gives advice on how to evolve and succeed in business. Today he is one of the most important real estate influencers and has given conferences throughout the United States and Canada. Due to his great success on YouTube, he created more channels – The Graham Stephan Show and The Iced Coffee Hour  which mainly talk about money and business. He runs The Iced Coffee Hour podcast alongside his right-hand man, Jack Selby.

The sources of his income 

Graham Stephan estimates that 85{49352ce17ba8b8c977b46090d4022735cbbf9c8d2a96e7181f87be9b36a1fd69} of his total annual earnings come from YouTube. The rest of his net worth comes from real estate commissions, six rental properties in Los Angeles, an online academy, sponsorships and an online store with his own branded products. He still works as a Realtor with The Oppenheim Group which featured in Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Graham never got much airtime unfortunately but was seen by eagle eye followers in the background of a few scenes.

Despite owning a fortune, Stephan leads a modest life, saving 90{49352ce17ba8b8c977b46090d4022735cbbf9c8d2a96e7181f87be9b36a1fd69} of what he earns. This attitude has generated a lot of criticism of him, but he is satisfied with his lifestyle.


Many question the reasons for Graham Stephan’s high net worth, beyond his sources of income. The reality is that the young entrepreneur is an enthusiastic, hard-working man with a great passion for what he does. Stephan is constantly looking to learn, grow and evolve in business. He transmits his knowledge through his YouTube channels, which generate a huge interest in the audience. His number of followers multiplies daily, increasing his success.

Outside of business, Stephan is in a long-term relationship with Savannah Macy and leads a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, Graham Stephan represents a great inspiration for those who want to succeed.

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Graham Stephan Net Worth 2021 – Successful YouTuber and Real Estate Agent