Singapore is one of the tourist destinations that always offers a variety of interesting entertainment. Apart from entertainment, Singapore is also a destination for people to satisfy their culinary passions. Singapore is a country that is famous for its diversity of types of food. Including various types of drinks. Singapore has quite a several specialty coffees with various flavors and characteristics. Coffee beans found in Singapore are of course top-grade standards and become a leading commodity. Several places process the best coffee beans Singapore into great-tasting drinks. Here is a list of coffee roastery places in Singapore:

1. Cupping Room Coffee Roasters Singapore
Originally from Hong Kong and first opened a branch in Singapore in October 2020. Cupping Room Singapore offers a blend of local flavors while understanding the needs of consumers who prefer coffee with low acidity.

2. Lucid
Especially for content creators who are active in various social media, especially Instagram, this place can be an option to enjoy Singapore coffee with a new flavor profile, one of which is peanut flavor.

3. Main Street Commissary
Opened in January, this place is open to anyone who wants to spend time enjoying a coffee with a combination of alluring flavors and mild acidity. The design of this place has an industrial and minimalist style so it creates a healthy impression.

4. Round Boy Roasters Coffee Bar and Roastery
One of the cafes that serve a variety of Singaporean coffee beans with the best equipment and coffee machines. This place also offers workshops so that visitors can experience the sensation of making their coffee.

5. Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee
Not only provides quality coffee products, but this place also provides comfort and nostalgia for visitors through a cup of coffee that has been processed or in the form of beans.

6. Morphine Coffee
It is a coffee shop that focuses on curating and sampling flavors from various origins of coffee beans. The coffee beans are not roasted so the resulting flavor remains intact. In addition, the level of acidity of the coffee processed at this kiosk is quite high, giving it a bold impression. Processing uses three brewing methods, namely espresso, cold brew, and siphon brew.

7. Nylon Coffee Roasters
Since 2012 specializing in serving high-quality coffee beans. Was the first company to roast its own best coffee beans.

8. Homeground Coffee Roaster
This coffee roaster is located in the Katong area. This cafe provides coffee-making learning services intending to share the spirit of brewing.


It is really good to have coffee in singapore.