Instagram has become a great source for training and tips to effectively grow a real estate business. It is also a great resource for finding agents in other markets who you can model your Instagram marketing after for better results.

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach on Instagram or develop real estate social media marketing campaigns that work, following and emulating the agents and teachers who are doing it well can yield results.

This list is broken into three groups: teachers, innovators and influencers. The list is not in ranked order since different individuals will find value from different types of content creators.

One place to start is with Inman’s Instagram account @inmannews. This truly is the best place to find industry news, events and education. The mix of posts, stories and videos makes it very easy for an agent to get a quick snapshot of what is happening in the industry.

Without further ado, here is my list of 22 Instagram must-follows for agents.


1. Tom Toole: @tomtoole3rd

Tom Toole is the founder and team leader of the Tom Toole Sales Group serving the Greater Philadelphia market. Toole uses Reels for quick agent tips, IGTV for longer form agent videos, and stories to connect on a more personal level with his followers. This is a great follow for the agent looking to grow.

2. Tom Ferry: @tomferry

Tom Ferry is the founder and CEO of Ferry International, the No. 1 ranked real estate educator by Swanepoel Power 200. His mix of educational Reels and posts along with daily stories provides everything an agent needs to find inspiration and actionable strategies for growth.

3. Byron Lazine: @byronlazine

Byron Lazine is the team leader of The One Team serving Guilford, Connecticut, co-host of The Real Word podcast and host of the Byron Lazine podcast, which offers valuable insights for agents. Lazine mixes clips from his podcasts, interviews with agents and industry insights on his Instagram page that make him a must-follow.

4. Luke Acree: @lukeacree 

Luke Acree is the President of Reminder Media and the co-host of the Stay Paid podcast. Acree mixes strategic real estate marketing content with mindset insights that help agents perform at their highest level. Professional design and presentation make Acree’s Instagram profile page an easy-to-love follow.

5. Keeping Current Matters: @keepingcurrentmatters 

Keeping Current Matters is the go-to company for statistics and graphic illustrations on the status of the real estate market. The content is professionally designed and easily shareable. This is a go-to profile if you’re looking for insights that will expand your market knowledge base.

6. Jimmy Mackin: @jimmymackin  

Jimmy Mackin is the CEO of Curyator. Whether you’re looking for marketing strategies, training on taking more listings or interviews with top producing agents, Mackin’s profile page is the place to be, with tons of valuable content that is put together in an easily consumable fashion.

7. The Broke Agent: @thebrokeagent 

If you’re in real estate sales, there will be times when you either have to laugh or cry. Enter Eric Simon, founder of The Broke Agent, and his humorous takes on the struggles agents face. If you’re looking for quick laughs with relatable topics, follow The Broke Agent immediately.

8. That Mortgage Guy: @thatmortgageguy_

Scott Betley is a mortgage banker who provides quick tips on mortgages via short-form videos on Instagram and TikTok. Betley utilizes trending sounds, parody and quick, easily consumed mortgage education to make his Instagram profile a great follow for agents.

9. Ninja Selling Official: @ninjasellingofficial

This is the official Instagram page that discusses the principles from the book Ninja Selling. They share weekly action tips, quotes and group discussions through questions that provide everything needed for an agent looking for action steps to take in his/her business.

10. Tony Robbins: @tonyrobbins

Tony Robbins is the nation’s top life and business strategist. Robbins uses quotes, short-form video and motivational stories to keep his followers motivated to tackle whatever life might throw at them. This is a great place to find encouragement, motivation and mindset training needed to be all you can be.


11. DJ and Lindsey DellaSala: @djandlindsey 

DJ and Lindsey DellaSala are the owners of DJ and Lindsey Real Estate serving the Greater Jacksonville, Florida, area. The use of digital marketing and creative marketing have led to a growth rate for their company of 441 percent over the past three years, according to Inc. 5000.

The DellaSalas’ use of agent spotlights, property videos and video clips of agent interviews are a great example of a content mix that leads to growth.

12. Heidi Harris: @homesweetheidi 

Heidi Harris is the owner/team leader of Home Sweet Heidi Realty out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Harris’ use of video in the form of property overviews, entertaining Reels and market updates is the perfect example of a content mix for a producing agent looking for ideas on how to grow their audience.

13. Stuart Crowell: @stuartcrowell

Stuart Crowell is the co-founder of Live Distinct Real Estate out of Denver. Crowell offers a great mix of market information, property profiles and tremendous video quality mixing different angles and multiple camera shots to increase the professionalism and watchability of his content. Crowell is a great place to start if you’re looking for video ideas and inspiration for your Instagram content.

14. Andrew Undem: @undem 

Andrew Undem is the owner and managing partner of Sure Sales Group out of Baltimore. Undem uses a mix of professional video content along with documenting his day through Instagram Stories. Highlighting coming-soon listings, current market conditions and a mix of family inclusion provides value to his followers and creates an environment where his personality deepens relationships with his followers.

15. Marley Presswood: @thingsmarleydoes

Marley Presswood out of Mount Pleasant/Charleston, South Carolina, is a great example of how authenticity helps your ideal client find you. Presswood’s mix of local lifestyle content, documenting her journey as an agent, and real estate market information provides another great example of how top producers attract their ideal clients instead of chasing them.

16. Katie Day: @movemetotx 

Katie Day is the team leader of the Move Me to Texas Team out of Houston. Katie has built her audience through consistent, quality content. If you’re desiring to build your following through a mix of professionalism and personal authenticity, Katie Day is a great example to follow.

17. Brad McCallum: @the.real.brad.mccallum 

Brad McCallum is the team leader with The McCallum Group out of Calgary, Canada. His Instagram profile says it best: “Follow for sick real estate videos.” McCallum embraced the power of video as a differentiator from the beginning of his career and it has been the engine for his success. If you’re looking for an example of engaging content that drives business your way on Instagram,  McCallum should be your next follow.

18. Lynley Ciorobea: @lynleyresidential

Lynley Ciorobea is an agent serving the Greater Miami area. With a background in advertising and marketing prior to real estate, Ciorobea has a way of creating content that generates engagement with her followers at a high level. Her use of analogies and storytelling provides an easy-to-follow framework for solid content that can be duplicated by you for your local market.

19. Mario Mitchell: @mariomitchellteam 

Mario Mitchell is the president and CEO of The Mario Mitchell Team serving the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina, market. Authenticity and documenting his day through Instagram Stories make Mitchell the perfect example of how consistent content leads to deeper client connection. People do business with people they like, and Mitchell’s content fully highlights his likability, which has led to a thriving business.


20. Glennda Baker: @glenndabaker

Glennda Baker is the president and CEO of Glennda Baker & Associates, servicing the Greater Atlanta area. Baker is the queen of short-form video content. Her uncanny ability to tell stories has helped her build an amazing following on Instagram and TikTok. For entertainment and incredible market insight, Baker is someone every real estate agent should follow.

21. Ryan Serhant: @ryanserhant 

Ryan Serhant is the founder and CEO of SERHANT., serving New York City. Serhant is the most-followed real estate agent on social media. His content mix provides a model of success for agents looking to grow their Instagram following.

22. Ricky Carruth: @rickycarruth 

Ricky Carruth is an agent serving the Gulf Shores, Alabama, area. His consistent ability to provide training, strategy and insights to agents has led to a large following. His  cold calling, agent mindset and practical tips make Carruth a great follow for agents searching for strategies that work.

A growing and thriving Instagram following creates a foundation for business growth. Follow these agents for ideas on how to grow your following. Implement some of the strategies you see them using on your own Instagram page and you will see results.

Jimmy Burgess is the CEO for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in northwest Florida. You can connect with him on Instagram or YouTube.