Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell plays a creepy Santa on New Girl.

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New Girl: the gross, creepy Santa Jess talks to at LAX is played by Dennis Haskins, who starred in Saved By the Bell as Mr. Belding.

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The Office: Stanley is not into taking the group Christmas photo.


Community: in the first season’s Christmas episode, Shirley doesn’t know what a menorah is. In fact, Shirley hides the one Annie gives her in the Christmas tree. But after the study group steals Greendale Community College’s big Christmas tree in Season 2, Shirley comes back for the menorah.

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Note: I do not endorse Community’s creator, Dan Harmon.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Hitchcock and Scully messed up their Halloween costumes and they both came as mustard.


The Office: Michael has an Italian flag on his desk for St. Patrick’s Day.


Also The Office: for St. Patrick’s Day, the water in the office watercooler is green.


Friends: in the episode “The One with the Late Thanksgiving,” the door chain for Monica’s apartment is 13 links instead of the usual nine. This is so the heads of Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, and Ross would fit in the slot.


The Office: we see that Stanley’s New Year’s resolution is: “Be a better husband and boyfriend.”


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: in the episode “A Very Sunny Christmas,” Mac reads a train schedule on Christmas Eve. He does this so he and Charlie know when to throw rocks at trains, their tradition for Christmas morning


The Office: Creed gives Jim a shirt for Christmas, but Creed actually wore that shirt to Jim’s barbecue.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: during Jake and Captain Holt’s heist-off in “Halloween II,” Jake thinks Captain Holt’s watch has been replaced with a replica. While he’s cheering about it, Amy and Rosa, who know Holt’s master plan, are smirking behind Jake.


Big Mouth: for Valentine’s Day, Walgreens sells heart-shaped boxes labeled “Peena” and “Sweetie,” which are words Coach Steve has used for penis and vagina.


The Office: for Halloween, Gabe dressed as a skeleton, but he is so tall that one costume didn’t work and he had to stitch two together.


Community: in “Regional Holiday Music,” Abed and Troy do a Christmas rap, with dancers and a studio appearing in their imaginations. Because the studio isn’t real, Annie can look in through the background.

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Again, note: I do not endorse Community’s creator, Dan Harmon.


Friends: in a flashback to Thanksgiving 1992, Phoebe’s art is seen on a wall in Monica’s apartment. This makes sense, as Phoebe was living there at the time. (And seasons later, Phoebe’s art features heavily in an episode’s storyline.)


Home Improvement: on Halloween, Randy opens the door for tick-or-treaters, and he gives seven candy bars to the kid dressed as Young Simba from The Lion King. Johnathan Taylor Thomas, who plays Randy, was the voice of Young Simba.


Frasier: over the entire 11 seasons of the show, there are only two Thanksgiving episodes, and both are centered on Frederick, Frasier and Lilith’s son.

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The Office: in “A Benihana Christmas”, Angela says her favorite song is “Little Drummer Boy.” Given the fact that Dwight hums this song in the pilot, it seems like Dwight and Angela started dating before the show even began.